Wednesday, May 4, 2011

award :D

aaah i'm so glad to get this award :D and let's follow the rules!

2) Pasang banner award ini di sidebar blog kamu, TANPA mengubah kode banner di atas.

and here we are


  • thanks to presticilla who gave me this award, you have a nice blog too ;D
  • i love her blog, she have a nice cute feminime pinky blog, ahaha :D and i think she is beautiful :)
  • well, first i give this back to presticilla who give me this award, second to iksank who made this award :p, third to veren lee, she has a good sense of fashion for her age, and then to ka sonia, i love her blog so much, she is my inspiration :D, then to apriliana who was unique :p, then to anne who have funny postd in her blog, and then to rani and regia my friends in school! and last but not least to ka dhita, i think she has a nice blog :)
  • done upside, and for the banner code you can see here
  • done :)
2) i'm doing :p


  1. makasi awardnya sayannkk.... *kecup dahi*

  2. Salma! Makasih awarnyaaaa :*

  3. Blogwalker mampir sejenak sembari ucap selamat atas anugerah award..! d^_^b