Thursday, July 28, 2011

summer said ..

(500) hundred days of summer,i watched it a long time ago, but i'm to busy and forget to post some quotes i got from the movie -_- and two quotes above is my favorite :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

party mask

i had a camp at mount bunder last saturday, when i was preparing and buying some food with my friend, i found something cute, cool, and nice, a pasrty mask! with many bright colours, so catchy and i just want to buy it, it's realy doesnt needed for my camp, but i cant stop myself to buy one XP i pick one and go pay it to the cashier, ooh finnaly hahaha.
this is a not important post, just ignore it i just want to write my something here ahaha -_-v

Thursday, July 21, 2011


moopdb sman 1 bogor was great!!!
nyesel banget anak smansa yang gaikutan mos, walaupun mungkin banyak tugas yang emang mos setiap sekolah pasti banyaktugas, cape ini itu, tapi semuanya ada maknanya dan maknanya udah kerasa banget sekarang :))
walaupun suara serak abis nyanyi yel yel, mata berat tidur larut tiap malem, badan cape kesana kemari, tapi semuanya ga ada sia sianya sama sekali da ada yang diseselin sama sekali.
hari terakhir ini yang paling mancaaaappps! seneng banget sampe nangis terharu! sayang nih fotonya belom ke share, tunggu tanggal mainnya aja deh haha.

hidup smansa, aku cinta smansa <3

Friday, July 15, 2011


hi i'm back! after a long time i never posted anything, finally i'm back!!!

well i'm busy right now but i;m too happy today so i cant stop myself to not posting anything today ;p
any the way i change my link, please re-link or link me as from now on! ahaha

oh oh oh and now i have my own camera! yeay thanks to my dad bigghug and kiss :**