Saturday, December 1, 2012

SheInside Thanksgiving Giveaway

well i also joining this giveaway :p
just try my luck and didn't hope to much

if you want to join this giveaway, you should check verenlee's blog
and register in Sheinside

good luck! :D

SabilaAnata X ShoeCorner Giveaway

Well i'm joining this giveaway because the prizes are really interesting and i want to have one, or maybe i should!

i think you should visit Sabila Anata's blog because it's interesting
also you have to follow @ShoecornerID

try your luck here! ;)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Time no See

yes, long time no see! it's a looong long time i haven't touch my blog or make a new post. i;ve been so busy and new blogger didn't help (i love the old one)

weeeellll it's been 7 month since my last post, i really didn't realize that it has been that long -_- it.s over than a half year ..

Since mei to november, many things happen , hard and sweet momment, some new friends were made, a new family, a new class, a new lover, new bussiness, aaaaand many moooore
i've been tired lately because of bussiness i have, i never expect that it could be this hard. Eleven grade would be about having fun, that's what i thought before it become this hard. i hope it can be more easier as time running.

mucch looooooveee :**

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strawberry Swing

- Coldplay
the best music video i've ever seen !!! must watch!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome 16 !

1st march 2012 , i'm sixteen y o !!! wohoooooooo
had a great time, double super surprises, sweety gifts, but no birthday cake .. and it's still awesome!

X7's surprise !!!!! they are so amazing and i love them so muccchhhhhhhhhhhh

i also have one surprise more, but i have no picture or photos from that moment -.- it was a surprise from destin and imam, big hug and much thanks for you two {}

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cap Go Meh Festival

6th February 2012 ,
it has been a week since Imlek (chinese new year) , and there was a festival at Surya Kencana street we all know as Cap Go Meh !! my friend told me about that festival, i was interested to go there, so i went there! ahaha. it was very tiring, but the crowded and its euphoria, it's unforgettable! it was the most amazing and unpredictable night for me :p

Barongsai !!

look at the crowd, W O W

the bulb actually a barongsai :p


Imam and Me

Sunday, January 29, 2012

few weeks ago, i went to bandung with my family, i took my camera with me and captured some pictures

i dunno what kind of car it is, is it mini cooper i think? yeah there is a mini cooper konvoy! it's kinda cute because there were a lot of these on the road with many kind of colours

look at the man in the car LOL

things that accompany my trip

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mad World - Gary Jules


ada kalanya, ketika lu ngerasa udah cukup kuat, udah bisa lupain semua hal yang lu pengen lupain, tapi ternyata belum.
selalu aja ada satu hal yang bikin lu mengulang kembali ingatan dan kenangan kenangan yang ga pengen lu inget, tapi flashback itu gabisa lu hindarin.
flashback yang bikin lu senyum sendiri, tapi ketika lu sadar kalau itu cuman sebuah kenangan, kejadian lama yang gabakal bisa terulang lagi, senyum lu berubah jadi air mata yang tiba tiba netes gitu aja ke pipi lu.
rasanya ? kosong . ga ada hal lain yang lu pengen lakuin selain ngabisin air mata yang ga bisa lu bendung lagi.
kangen . pengen kembali dan menetap di masa masa itu, tapi gamungkin, waktu berjalan, dan gabisa diulang.
mungkin kurang lebih itulah yang lagi gua rasain sekarang. gua lagi merasa ada di bawah roda kehidupan.

tapi dibalik itu semua, gua nyoba buat lebih memperhatikan orang-orang di sekeliling gua, dan gua mulai sadar, ga semua orang seberuntung gua, gua masih punya keluarga yang lengkap dan utuh, rumah yang nyaman, sekolah yang bagus, keadaan sehat, temen-temen yang baik dan lain lain, masih banyak hal di dunia ini yang harus gua syukuri, sekali lagi, ga semua orang seberuntung gua. di luar sana mungkin ada orang yang iri dengan kehidupan kaya gini, dan gua tau gua ga mampu buat ngasih kehidupan kaya gini buat mereka, kehidupan ini Allah yang atur, dan kita yang jalanin.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung is a young tanlented guitarist from Korea. He is about my ages, he born on 2 September 1996, a few months younger than me. he was inspired by his father. he started play guitar in the beginning of 2006, and now his guitar playing is so amazing! i can hear his play all day.

here is his official site
he also have an official youtube account

here are some of his video

watch it and enjoy! :D

'Manusia Setengah Salmon' -  Raditya Dika

Sunday, January 1, 2012


hope it'll be a better year than 2011,
let the memories 0f 2011 be your past, and welcome to 2012!

it is the first day of 2012, but we already had a bad news, there is an earthquake in japan, so let us pray for japan #prayforjapan