Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Time no See

yes, long time no see! it's a looong long time i haven't touch my blog or make a new post. i;ve been so busy and new blogger didn't help (i love the old one)

weeeellll it's been 7 month since my last post, i really didn't realize that it has been that long -_- it.s over than a half year ..

Since mei to november, many things happen , hard and sweet momment, some new friends were made, a new family, a new class, a new lover, new bussiness, aaaaand many moooore
i've been tired lately because of bussiness i have, i never expect that it could be this hard. Eleven grade would be about having fun, that's what i thought before it become this hard. i hope it can be more easier as time running.

mucch looooooveee :**