Wednesday, September 22, 2010

true love

terharu banget bacanya, dari terselubung :p

Ada seorang wanita buta. Semua orang membenci dia, kecuali kekasihnya. Wanita itu selalu berkata, “Saya akan menikahimu saat saya bisa melihat.” Suatu hari, ada orang mendermakan mata kepada wanita itu. Akhirnya wanita itu dapat melihat. Dengan segera, dia pergi menemui kekasihnya. Tetapi, ketika dia melihat kekasihnya, dia merasa sungguh terkejut karena kekasihnya juga buta.
Kekasihnya bertanya, “Sudikah kamu menikah denganku sekarang?” Tanpa sebuah alasan, wanita itu menolak. Kekasihnyapun tersenyum dan berlalu pergi sambil berkata. “Tolong jaga mata saya baik-baik…”

english translate via google translate

There was a blind woman. Everyone hates him, except his girlfriend. She always said, 'I'll marry you when I could not see. "One day, someone donated eyes to her.Finally she could see. Immediately, he went to meet her lover. But when she saw her lover, she felt really surprised because her boyfriend is also blind.
Her boyfriend asks, "Will you marry me now?" Without a reason, she had refused.Kekasihnyapun smiled and passed away as he said. "Please keep my good eye ..."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

bahana swara garuda 16 :*

happy birthday bahana swara garuda 16 xoxoxo

semoga taun ini depan kita bisa ikut fomb lagi ya Allah, semga mulai sekarang sekolah dukung kegiatan kita 100%, dibiayain, dikasih alat dsb tolong jangan sampe bubar please !! pengen BSG tetep maju, ngukir kemenangan di fomb kalau bisa GPJB ! gabakalan bisa gua lupain BSG , udah terlalu banyak kenangannya mulai dari yang sedih, seneng, bikin cape, mengaharukan banget pokoknya.
ayo maju terus BSG :DD

yo whats up ?!
we are BSG! GO GO GO!
and win with proud!

(left to right : me, afan, ardian, ninis)



Saturday, September 18, 2010


oh sh*it tommorow is the last day for my holiday --" i will meet the mon(ster)day again aaaaaaagh
and i dont want to see the lesson, realy lazy for it. one thing that i loves just i will meet my friends again :DD I REALLY MISS THEM SO BADLY !!
oh yea, the next week we will meet the middle exam OH YA ALLAH please give me high score for every lesson *pray

bandung trip 3

then this is before wedding party, the decoration were really cute and amazing! i really love it
oh this is me (black dress) and my cousin (hana:yellow dress, nanat: green dress)

(taken by my bro : love this so much )

party (bandung trip 2)

this photo was taken by my cousin, yeeaa not to bad or too bad -__- my face ugh, no comment

black dress : *i'm forget -.- i found it in my wadrobe :p
pocket : petra pacha
bangle : old stuff
belt : unbranded
shoes : in her shoes

bandung trip 1

two days ago i went to bandung with my father, mother and my bro to attend a wedding party.
i got crazy went i meet my cousin and take some photos

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wishlist !!

i really would like to see them in my closet and bag
wanna buy them for me ? Photobucket

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


well i have lot of favorite disney cartoon, i loved kim possible, donald duck, cars, sleeping beauty, peter pan, lilo & stitch, alladin, etc. but these are my top five :

5. Sleeping Beauty (fav char: Aurora)
this is my favorit disney princess story, aurora is so beautiful!

4. Robin Hood (fav char: Robin Hood)
i love the story, and the setting of this film, robin hood looks so kind and brave!

3. Peter Pan (fav char : Peter Pan & Tinker bell)
aaaah, i really love this film, the neverland, wendy's, fairies and pixie dust, believe in them

2. Toy Story (fav char: Buzz Lightyear)
toy story were the best disney and pixar film, everyone love this. i looove buzz!

1. Lion King (fav char : simba & Nala)
this is my first top favorite disney film , this is the best disney cartoon i ever watch. i loved lion king since was in kindergarten, my mom told me that i liked to play this film everyday :p

wuhuuuu, these all my favorite disney cartoon, and my favorite disney character also, i would like to have a dolls of each films above , but i couldnt -____-

10 best dressed

Winter Ave Zoli

Jessica Lowndes

we know who is she~ Katy Perry

Annalynne McCord

i love this one! Rachel Bilson

Jessica Stroup

Shanae Grimes

Natalie portman

Jessica Alba

this is the cutest! Ellle Fanning

from teenVOGUE

Monday, September 13, 2010


good morning, i check my chatbox and sekar told me that she have an award for me (thanks♥)
so this is the question :

well, for me best friend is someone who will always cheer and support each other, and she/he is very important to me

hoaah, lil bit sleepy when i posted this, but i did it ;)
then i tag : sekar, devina, rani , rama, thia, indah and YOU yes YOU who read this post

Sunday, September 12, 2010


anybody have an idea for my header?
i realy want to change it , i've done but still feel it doesnt fit Photobucket

i want to make a header with neon colors like black+magenta , then make it feels glam and fancy. and i want make it able to describe my title 'it just too sweet to explode'
i've try to make some header, but no one fit for this -___-

so have any ideas?

cut cut cut

lii cut my bangs! i cut it my own milkysmile
well not to bad Photobucket
want to see the different? look at this


and after

i cut my bangs for twice, the first my bangs were look soooo messy milkysmile so i bought a new scissor and cut them for the second time, and tadaaaa this is my new bangs Photobucket

learn something :D

yeah, i found a new emoticon blogs! now ican put something like this Photobucket or like this milkysmile

lets go out to
there are so many funnyemoticon, so go and try ! Photobucket

i miss my school

well, maybe it's hard to believe that
i miss my school, i miss smpn 1 bogor
but i dont miss the lesson, i just love the school, my friends, my class, my classmate, slot, canteen, etc
i wish the holiday would done faster, but .. no no i dont want to meet the teacher and the lesson -___- i just want to meet him, and the other, get a chit chat

Friday, September 10, 2010


10 - 09 - 2010
bismillahirohmanirahim :)

forgive me if i have mistakes to you
selamat hari raya :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010