Tuesday, September 14, 2010


well i have lot of favorite disney cartoon, i loved kim possible, donald duck, cars, sleeping beauty, peter pan, lilo & stitch, alladin, etc. but these are my top five :

5. Sleeping Beauty (fav char: Aurora)
this is my favorit disney princess story, aurora is so beautiful!

4. Robin Hood (fav char: Robin Hood)
i love the story, and the setting of this film, robin hood looks so kind and brave!

3. Peter Pan (fav char : Peter Pan & Tinker bell)
aaaah, i really love this film, the neverland, wendy's, fairies and pixie dust, believe in them

2. Toy Story (fav char: Buzz Lightyear)
toy story were the best disney and pixar film, everyone love this. i looove buzz!

1. Lion King (fav char : simba & Nala)
this is my first top favorite disney film , this is the best disney cartoon i ever watch. i loved lion king since was in kindergarten, my mom told me that i liked to play this film everyday :p

wuhuuuu, these all my favorite disney cartoon, and my favorite disney character also, i would like to have a dolls of each films above , but i couldnt -____-

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