Monday, August 15, 2011


kidding, i mean paramore :p
uwaaaaaaah paramore !!!! pengen banget nonton tapi ga kesampean .... tiketnya ituloh .. dompet eke bisa jebol kalau beli ..
yah karena gua gabisa nonton, yaudah guatulis disini "ALL ABOUT PARAMORE" sekalian curhat gitu ya

paramore born @ franklin, tennessee on 2004 , the old form was, josh farro (guitarist), jeremy davis (bassist), hayley williams (vocalist), and zac farro (drummer)

left to right : jeremy davis, zac farro, hayley williams, josh farro

then taylor york joined as a guitarist

left to right : jeremy davis, josh farro, hayley williams, zar farro, taylor york

their first album wa "All We Know is Falling" :  Brighter, Pressure, Emergency, etc

second album was "RIOT!" : crushcrushcrush, Misery Bussines, Let The Flames Begin, Miracle, etc

and the third was "Brand New Eyes" : Ignorance, Playing God, Bring By Boring Brick, etc

some of their song were being a soundtrack for some movie and games:

Decode (Twilight)
Pressure (The SIMS 2)
Monster (Transformer: The Dark of the Moon)

after a few several years, josh and zac farro decided to out from the band because their own reason, so now the Paramore is a band with 3 personil , hayley, jeremy, and taylor

left to right : jeremy davis, hayley williams, taylor york

these are paramore in concert

aaaaaaand whats most special?? they fibally arrived to Indonesia to hold two concert on 17 august in Bali and 19th august in Jakarta XD  i hope there's a free ticket for me TT__TT

to everyone who have the ticket, have fun guys, i bet it would be night you would never forget!

(pictures from: googles, tumblr, and weheartit)

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